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D3 Dil Dosti Dance              

Channel [V] : Monday - Thursday @ 7 pm 
They say, “Some people learn to dance, while others are born to dance.” Kria ghai was born to dance, she loved dance and her little body swayed to music even before she knew how to walk. But her dancing shoes were taken away from her by a strict mother who had another dream for her; her mother wanted her to succeed in the corporate arena. Kria doesn’t want to defy her mother, but fate constantly brings her face to face with her true destiny; dance!
Once she arrives in Bombay she meets reyansh and Sharon and their troupe of dancers. She is paired with the weaklings of the college, when everything about her screams dazzler! Due to her talent she is immediately seen as a threat by the college diva Sharon. Sharon sets out to make kria’s life miserable but kira only uses each stumbling block as a stepping stone to inch closer to her lifelong dream … a moment of shining glory, owing to her first and only passion dance!
On the way she finds love, so her ‘dil’ beats with the tremors of first love. She makes new friends, so her thirst for ‘dosti’ is fulfilled. She does this as she embarks upon a journey of self-discovery, through ‘dance’!

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