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Paalkhi is the story of Palak, Pranjal and Daksh. Palak, the only child of separated parents comes to India from London, and falls in love with Pranjal, the twin brother of Daksh. This daily soap gets further complicated when Palak learns that Daksh too has developed an obsession for her. Filled with high drama and emotions this afternoon daily keeps you coming back for more.

Crime Patrol

Crime Patrol dramatizes real life crime stories in an attempt to bring to the viewers a mirror of crime in society. Shakti Anand anchors this hard-hitting show, that tells the story behind the crime. These true stories are sometimes unbelievable and give credence to the saying that fact is stranger than fiction. Crime Patrol stories are well researched and combine elements of realism with dramatic story telling to create a show that is gripping and compelling to watch.

Pyaar Vyaar and all that

Pyaar Vyaar and All That is a youth show that deals with friendship, love, and all the issues that engage anyone who is a teenager. From drugs to unprotected sex, to divorce, to MMS scandals, this show covers it all through the journey of a group of friends. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Goa this is a must watch for all from 14 to 50!


Kohinoor is a thriller that combines a new myth about the world’s largest diamond the ‘Kohinoor’. It takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride where there is never a dull moment in the search for this fabulous diamond. Irawati, the chief protagonist, arrives in India for the first time in her life and finds herself accused of a murder she didn’t commit and of a man that she didn’t even know. This spins off a series of events that spiral into a thrilling journey, which brings her into contact with the maverick Samar Khanna and the dangerous Kaali, who all seem to be searching for the same thing –the Kohinoor. But Irawati is searching for more than that. She is also searching for her identity and her lost family.




While the youngsters struggle to find their places in the world, the adults are left to deal with the consequences of decisions they made years ago. Nakul’s father –Raghuveer Rai and mother Leela Rai were college sweethearts. When Leela became pregnant during their senior year, she was devastated by Raghuveer’s decision to put his own life and career first. When Raghuveer’s dream of a cricket career didn't work out, he returned to town with his new wife and his newborn son, Arjun. After years when Leela returns to Goa with Nakul, all the memories come back to haunt her.




This is a story of brother and sister ( Ravi and Raima ) with middle class values, who shift from Jabalpur to Everest Valley with their parents Siddharth and Aysha and study in high profile collage called Everest collage where they meet rest of the six sikanders Arshia, Addy, Victor, Smriti and Suketu who are also student of same collage. Only Rohit is government collage student. This story from here moves on with the flavor of  happiness, sadness,thriller, love n romance, fight, collage drama along with family drama having all the natural colors of life in it. Any person watching the show can relate him or her with the characters so closely as if it’s their story.

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